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Gerchik & Co


Gerchik & Co is an STP that takes the trades to the interbank market. That way, the customers get the best asset price and transparent trading terms. The trading platform operates based on the Equinix LD4 data center which has the latest-generation servers available 99.99% of the time which is officially confirmed. High uptime percentage ensures the safe operation of the equipment. The company is duly licensed to carry out brokerage activities.

Interests of the traders at Gerchik & Co are protected by International Financial Commission. The FinaCom includes traders, IT experts, lawyers and many others. Should there be any disputable issue, they evaluate the situation from technical and legal standpoint. A decision passed by the Commission is enforceable. Payment of compensations to the traders is guaranteed by compensation fund reaching up to €20,000 per claim.

The order execution quality at Gerchik & Co is confirmed by independent experts. The representatives of the International Financial Commission monitor the trades on a monthly basis. They compare the prices of position opening and closing with the market prices, and assess the fairness of the asset value and which quotes other brokers offered. You can check out the results of the audits in MT4 or MT5 trading terminal using Verify My Trade free plugin.